Accepting where we stand

Like every child, we’ve all had dreams of growing up to be someone big, someone known. Maybe who we are now or where we’re at now to be more specific, isn’t exactly where we wish we were. If you think about it real hard and carefully, you will notice that not everything in life is perfect yet you’ve gotten around just fine. Somehow you’ve gotten lost in the notion and wave of life to even remember all the plans or ideas you once had about the way you wanted it all to fall into place. Have you stopped to think in between all the thoughts of failure that just maybe the plans you’ve longed for are not the best for you and what’s to come is way better than expected? I mean think about it, practice makes you good at it right? Later on you learned what you worked so hard to achieve and can even teach others. Therefore, when you feel you’ve failed or as if your struggles have no ending, think of this; I may not understand at the moment the reason for this, but I will trust that it will make me a wiser and stronger person for tomorrow.



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