A Woman, no different than a Man.

A woman, although it may not necessarily be for others but for herself, dresses up and puts make-up on.
Does her nails and hair even if she’s going to be home all day.
Wears heels, maxi dress, and/or a nice big purse (with basically nothing inside but old receipts, wallet, & mint wrapper) to just buy 1gallon of milk and a candy bar at the grocery store.
Day dreams in front of the mirror and acts out a romance movie, live tv or modeling show escaping from reality.
Sings her heart out, cries her eyes out, & explodes her brain thinking about life itself.. in the shower.
Sleeps no more than 4 hours ,because the night before she stayed up reminiscing and putting together pieces of unbelievable events.
Smiles even though her world is crumbling, she’s the strength, the role model or the provider that does not want to fail.
Gets through pain, doubt, insecurities, humiliation, struggles and life point blank, either on her own or barely making it yet achieved. Has to explain to their children (no matter how hard it may be) why they can’t afford to buy them latest trends, the divorce, their heart break.
Is in denial believing one day he’ll love her, stay, stop beating her.
Cooks, cleans, takes care of kids, bills, problems in marriage, home, work, runs errands, and much more still managing to stand.
Loves, sacrifices and goes an extra mile in all she imprints and has left behind.
Changed body and life to bear a child and for a loved one.
A woman is imperfectly perfect, indestructible, and self-made.
This is not a what sex is better matter, (male and female both are human and are needed in the world) but a woman is a damn warrior on her own and needs a hell of A LOT more respect.. situation.


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