How to NOT digress from the path


As humans we have a tendency to have many unfinished business. We’re often driven off by negative thoughts, doubting, and the easy way out. The answer to staying focused in the path you’ve chosen or want is simple. The first step is remembering the reason why to stay on the path and what made you want it in the beginning. The next step is to think about the motives that drove you to doubt that path in the first place, is it because there are better opportunities or the path you wanted was a negative one? After coming to a conclusion of why the doubting, one then should visualize already achieving and reaching the finish line of the path and seeing if the mental experience made them excited. If after this you still have doubts or dreaded the thought of doing all of this then maybe you should check your goals again and remember if you truly want to get far in life and what you desire for your life and future family, then sacrifice the moment for the future.


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